STRATEGOS, the International Master Degree in Engineering Technology for Strategy and Security is one of the first programs around the world addressing the new discipline of Strategic Engineering. STRATEGOS prepares new young engineers to master the combined use of Simulation, Modeling, Data Analytics, AI/IA (Artificial Intelligence/Intelligent Agents) to support Strategic Decision Making. This Master Science (Laurea Magistrale in Italy) provides advanced competences in Industrial and Information Engineering topics, together with Mathematical Modeling Techniques, Human Behavior Modeling, International Affairs and Economic Strategies, in order to support the Decision Makers and Top Management in Industrial, Governmental and Defense Organizations. The subject of STRATEGOS Master Course is trans-disciplinary and very innovative in terms of educational objectives and approach which empowers capabilities in a wide spectrum of applications from Business to Defense, Industry, Government and Homeland Security STRATEGOS provides skills particularly useful for supporting decision making in Complex Systems that include discrete and continuous modeling, statistical techniques, data analytics, enabling ICT technologies, social media algorithms, autonomous systems.